Thursday, June 15, 2017

101 Yoga Poses

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101 Yoga Poses
1 bridge pose
2 upward facing dog
3 downward facing dog
4 hare pose
5 cat pose
6 right triangle pose
7 easy plow pose
8 half moon pose
9 Pigeon pose
10 Bound angle pose
11 Tree pose
12 Knee press, both legs
13 Garland pose
14 Easy forward bend pose
15 Left twist with left leg bent
16 Bow pose
17 Cow pose
18 Upward extended feet pose
19 Half-cobra pose
20 Chair pose
21 Low lunge
22 Rotation pose
23 Downward-facing dog pose
24 Warrior pose
25 Reclining bound angle pose
26 Upward bow pose
27 Crane pose
28 Cobra pose
29 Supported shoulderstand
30 Bikram triangle
31 Camel pose
32 Easy supported shoulderstand with tilted legs
33 Half-boat pose
34 Left-leg wind-freeing pose
35 Bikram triangle right
36 Low lunge
37 Perfect pose
38 Child pose
39 Lord of the dance
40 Wide-legged forward bend with hands lock
41 Corpse pose
42 Upward table pose
43 Standing forward bend
44 Plow pose
45 Plank pose
46 Mountain pose with upward stretch
47 Right twist with right leg bent
48 Greeting pose
49 Fish pose
50 Upward plank pose
51 Eagle pose
52 Warrior pose on left foot
53 Bend to right leg with rotation
54 Supported shoulder stand
55 Rotation pose, legs to the left
56 Pigeon pose, head down on right foot
57 Easy camel pose with palms against back
58 Buddhist stupa pose
59 Locust pose
60 Table pose
61 Sitting right twist
62 Wide-angle seated forward bend
63 Right bend
64 Dove pose from diamond pose
65 Unsupported shoulderstand, hands behind back
66 Easy crow pose
67 Easy bow pose
68 Locust pose with left leg up
69 Warrior pose, right leg forward, left leg straight
70 Bridge pose with right leg up
71 Simple peacock pose
72 Lotus in shoulderstand
73 Dancing Shiva pose, left foot on right knee
74 Easy staff pose
75 Easy pose
76 One-arm advanced right bend
77 Upward lotus pose
78 Extended arms and legs pose
79 Forward bend with hands against back
80 Bridge pose on elbows
81 Lying hero pose
82 Crane pose with right leg up
83 Sitting left twist
84 Downward-facing dog pose, left leg up
85 Right waist rotation pose
86 Lord of the dance left
87 Tortoise pose
88 Headstand preparation pose
89 Side plank pose, left leg up
90 Reverse corpse pose
91 Supported plow pose
92 Half-wheel pose
93 Scale pose lotus variation
94 Wide-legged forward bend with feet grab
95 One-leg bridge pose right
96 Supported embryo pose
97 Chair pose, on toes
98 Lotus pose
99 Dancing Shiva pose, right foot on left knee
100 Ear pressure pose
101 Cow face pose, left leg and right arm up

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